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The use of FastestPayout.co.nz (‘Website’) is governed by the terms & conditions (‘Terms’) set forth on this page. This is an agreement between FastestPayout.co.nz (‘we’, ‘us’, ‘our team’, ‘FastestPayout.co.nz’, ‘Fast Payout Casino NZ’) and you (‘user’), and it serves as a legally binding contract between you and us.

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Please take the time to read and understand the terms and conditions laid out as follows:

Required Age of Users

FastestPayout.co.nz is solely intended for use by persons who are 20 years old and above, and who are at the age of majority in any and all jurisdictions, including and especially New Zealand, that apply to you.

If you fall below this age requirement, and you are not at the age of majority in the country or territory where you are physically located right now, you are prohibited by national and international laws from accessing FastestPayout.co.nz. You must leave our Website immediately as you are not permitted to visit it and view any and/or all of its pages.

The Website’s Services

FastestPayout.co.nz is an informational site, which has content that should not be construed or treated as a form of advice. The Website does not offer or provide advice of any sort or in any form, such as financial, moral, or legal advice, whether or not related to gambling.

Our Website is not an online casino, and any and all members of our team do not operate an online casino. Being such, we do not participate in gambling transactions taking place between operators of online casinos and their players.

We do not endorse any or all of the third-party sites mentioned, cited, analysed, evaluated, rated, ranked, reviewed, and/or linked to or from this Website. Such third-party sites include, but are not limited to, operators of online gambling establishments, developers and suppliers of gambling software, and providers of deposit and withdrawal services.

The decision you make that pertains to visiting, joining, using, depositing your money to, withdrawing winnings from, casino, gaming, iGaming, betting, wagering, or gambling platform/s is yours and yours alone. Therefore, FastestPayout.co.nz and our team cannot, and shall not, be held responsible for your decision’s outcomes, including, but not limited to, losses of money wagered and disputes with gambling operators.

Our team reserves the right to limit or altogether terminate your access to FastestPayout.co.nz at any time, without prior notice, for any reason that we deem contrary to our policy.

Links to Other Sites and Apps

FastestPayout.co.nz may link to other sites or apps that are operated by third parties. This notwithstanding, our team does not, in any way, approve, endorse, or have sponsorship with these third-party services, unless we have expressly stated otherwise on the Website.

There are links on the pages or sections of the Website that are classified as ‘affiliate links’. Should you click on the said affiliate links and take certain actions, such as signing up and completing a purchase, we may earn a commission therefrom.

Regardless of link classifications, however, it is not our obligation to examine and/or evaluate the content of the third-party sites or apps to which our links point. Thus, we cannot, and shall not, be held responsible for the results of the action/s taken on the links, such as landing on an external page with expired promotions by third parties.

You must perform due diligence at all times, and this is by assessing the legitimacy and validity of the third-party site or app and checking the authenticity of its offerings.

Your Responsibilities

If you decide to use FastestPayout.co.nz, you undertake responsibilities and obligations, as follows:

  • You are 20 years old or above at the time of visiting this Website and using the information contained herein.
  • You have already reached the age of legal majority in any and/or all applicable jurisdictions, including, but not limited to, the country or territory in which you are physically located.
  • You will only visit our Website solely for personal use and not for commercial purposes.
  • You will not use our Website for any unauthorised act whatsoever.
  • You will not use our Website as part of an illegal activity, such as collecting the personal details of other people.
  • You will make sure that your visit to FastestPayout.co.nz, and your use of the information it contains, is legal and authorised in any and/or all of the jurisdictions that apply to you.

Your choices, decisions, and actions are entirely your own and solely your responsibility. You must not rely on the Website if and when you are considering the steps you will be taking next. You must verify any and all of the information you find on FastestPayout.co.nz before acting on your choices and making a decision.

You acknowledge that accessing our Website is of your own volition and that you are visiting the pages thereof at your own risk.

You acknowledge that we do not claim or promise our Website and its content to be free of factual or other types of errors. You also acknowledge, too, that we may or may not revise the erroneous content or remove defective pages.

You acknowledge that we do not claim or promise our Website and its content to be free of malware, such as spyware and viruses. You also acknowledge that it is your responsibility to check the security of the device/s that you use to view the content of FastestPayout.co.nz.

You acknowledge that we do not guarantee continuous, uninterrupted Website services and that, without prior notice to you or other users, FastestPayout.co.nz can go offline for short or long periods.

Our Intellectual Property Rights

Our team respects and uphold intellectual property rights, and we require you to do the same. The content displayed on FastestPayout.co.nz is copyrighted, unless we have expressly stated otherwise, and we claim exclusive ownership of the Website’s rights. You must not, at any time and for whatever reason or purpose, copy or alter any or all of the Website’s content and claim it as yours.

To be able to use our intellectual property, in such cases as quoting portions of our content on your own site, you must first obtain our written consent.

Users’ Acts Followed by Sanctions

When visiting FastestPayout.co.nz, you are not authorised to use its content, in whole or in part, for any purpose that is potentially or actually in violation of local, national, and/or international laws.

Third-Party Sites and/or Apps

The Website contains names and lists of, as well as links to, third-party sites and/or apps related to online gambling. By clicking on the links to, and using, these third-party gambling sites and/or apps, you acknowledge the following and agree to them:

  • You reside in or are physically located in a country, territory, or jurisdiction in which your use of gambling services, including online gambling services, is legal and lawful.
  • You have reached the age of legal majority in any and/or all applicable jurisdictions, including, but not limited to, the country or territory that you are physically in right now.
  • You are 20 years old or above at the time of visiting FastestPayout.co.nz and using the information contained in the Website.
  • You are aware, fully informed, and in complete understanding of each and every one of your legal obligations with respect to online gambling.
  • You have read and understood, and you agree to, the terms, conditions, and other relevant information that relates to the gambling sites and apps you are currently using or intend to use.
  • You have read and understood that you may suffer losses if you decide to wager, bet, or gamble your money and that you must bear full responsibility for such losses.


By visiting and/or viewing any or all of the content of FastestPayout.co.nz, you agree to indemnify fully the members of our team, as well as our directors, officers, employees, associates, investors, partners, suppliers, contractors, agents, affiliates, and licensors, and hold us harmless from any and/or all liabilities, claims, actions, proceedings, lawsuits, fines, expenses, and/or related costs such as legal fees, which have arisen, or may arise, as a result of your use of the Website.

Complaints Policy

If you have complaints about the content published on FastestPayout.co.nz, you may reach out to and explain your issue via the Contact Us form.

Amendment and Modification

Our team reserves the right to amend, refine, modify, revise, alter, revise, and/or append (‘change’) the terms and conditions herein stated. Your continued visit and use of the Website despite any such change occurring will be deemed as your acceptance of the new Terms & Conditions.

We reserve the right to give you or other users any prior notice regarding the change that will be made to the terms & conditions. It is your responsibility to check this Terms & Conditions page regularly.

We uphold intellectual property rights and respect the intellectual property of others. If you believe that FastestPayout.co.nz contains information that breaches your copyright or intellectual property, let us know in writing through this Contact Us form. We will attend to this matter immediately.